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Sword Swallowing

One liners, patter, adlibs, and vogue-ing … warning a cucumber may find its way into this routine.


High Camp Clownin, Cigar Stubbin, Table Cloth Pullin, Circus Trickin, Red Wine Guzzlin, Table leg swallowin'


Mincing, Classic Ole Clown Gag, Scissor Swallow + Mouth Splitter


Drink Stealin, Drunk Totterin, Crowd Participatin, (when setting suits) Culminating in shoving a beautiful rose through the tongue and performing some quite incredible tongue contortions


A combination of physical comedy and stupidity. She blows a glove up on her head. Bigger and bigger and bigger til it pops on cue. Is it a chicken? Whatever it is, its laugh outloud funny

Acts can be performed as required, individually, together or weaved throughout a night
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